Deities of the Realms

The Haunted Highlands is a polytheistic campaign, meaning the people worship and pay homage to many Gods and Goddesses. Some characters have affinities for particular deities, but it is the rare individual who worships but a single god. Clerics and especially Paladins are the most likely to choose a single deity as their Patron Deity, but it is far more common for an individual to pay homage to many deities.

The deities of the Karboskian Marches and its environs have been known to take a semi-active roll in the lives of their followers, manifesting themselves in statues, storms, and natural events or speaking directly to their most faithful paladins, villains and high priests. Indeed, it is not unknown for some deities to walk the world, whether while disguised as an animal or avatar form.

The following is a listing of the major deities and demi-gods of the Karboskian Pantheon. Scores of other deities exist (including the Norse deities of the Northmen), but these are the predominant deities within the Haunted Highlands:

Taxus the Pillar Taxus is worshipped by many as the god of law and athletics. He is represented as the Pillar of the Heavens where his strength holds fast against the chaos and discord of the universe.

Ataxus, the Lord of Chaos Where Taxus is the embodiment of law in the universe, his twisted twin Ataxus is the antithesis of such lofty ambitions as the rule of law. Followers of Ataxus are highly unpredictable and revel in sowing chaos.

Vanium the Fearless Vanium is a universally loved and despised deity, known for his righteousness and compassion. Many of his followers are known for their willingness to give to the poor, heal the sick, and care for the weak.

Kharzarn the Cruel Kharzarn is a foul deity who takes a direct approach to harvesting souls to further his own power in the deific hierarchy. His followers constantly seek to ensnare and enslave great masses, in order that their sacrifice may fuel the power of the god.

Gathaak Gathaak is an ancient, a primal god who has no remorse for the slaughters his many children have wrought upon the world. Gathaak is the ultimate representation of mindless slaughter and destruction on a grand scale.

The Green Man The Green Man is an embodiment of nature whose teachings are followed by druids. His true name is known only to druidic hierophants.

Fythele the Fey Queen Fythele is a radiant creature and co-regent of the Realm of Fey alongside Prince Thayaleon. The Realm of Fey is a mirror realm to that of mortals, and is a place alive with natural magic, just as Queen Fythele herself is in touch with the very essence of nature and magical forces.

Thayaleon, Prince of Elves A progenitor of the elven race, Thayaleon rules as a living god, sometimes dwelling amongst his beloved children and other times ruling affairs from his mahogany palace in the heart of the Realm of Fey.

Krannough, Everlasting Lord Under the Earth Krannough is the chief deity of the dwarves, and is frequently worshipped by gnomes and other beings with an affinity to earth, stone, and metal.

Jokashka the Hag Queen Jokashka is the goddess of nightmares and bedtime stories. Tales of her evil are whispered into the ears of children in order to make them mind, lest Jokashka come to steal them away and grind their bones for her bread.

Bowbe Bowbe is the embodiment of a barbarian’s rage and wrath. He is the God of Primal Strength and revels in war and the slaughter of his foes.

Shambere, Goddess of Shadows Shambere is the goddess of thieves and professional contract killers.

Tolkaladin, the All Knowing God of Magic Tokaladin is the master of all spells and keeper of all knowledge.

Nartarus, Demi-God of the Walking Dead The Lord of the Dead, whom some claim is no deity at all but truly is one of the Fiends of Hell or the Nether itself.

Riachee the Rat King A secretive Rat God, Riachee is worshipped on moonless nights and during plagues caused by his billions of progeny, when even non-worshippers offer him sacrifice to remove his blight upon the land.

Forthonus, Lord of the Seas Forthonus is as chaotic and immensely powerful as the storms that blow up upon his waters. More primal and elemental than most deities, it is unknown if he is a true god or an immortal elemental of unbridled power.

The Khan It is surmised that the Khan was once a great mortal general and conqueror whose audacity and keen planning eventually placed him upon his own throne amongst the gods. It is uncertain as to the fact of this, but it is known that the Khan draws worshippers from professional soldiers and mercenaries alike.

Kyuleshedrac the Terrible The Goddess of Evil Dragons. Known to be the grandmother of dragons, her hellish abode is a deep pit in the nether world
guarded by several of the most ancient and evil of her brood.

Norse Pantheon Odin, Thor, Freya, Freyr, Tyr, Loki, Heimdall, Skadi, Friga, etc.


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