Time and Space

Time is counted in the 24 hour day counted universal since creation. Each hour is 60 minutes long, each minute 60 seconds. The length of a year is 360 days and there are 12 months of 30 days each. Such are the laws which govern the world as they were set in time immemorial.

The Calendar

The first month of the calendar year, representative of the chaos which birthed the universe. It is often a month of wild weather, ranging from blizzards, to rain, to bitter cold. Gamblers tend to count this month as either lucky or unlucky. Folk lay their odds to chance during the month of Ataxon.

The second month. The month claimed by death, as cold creeps from the north and freezes flesh and blood. This month is also noted for its abundance of darkness and late in the month, the deep freezing fog. Prayers are said and wreaths are laid in
remembrance of the dead, lest they rise from the frozen earth to harry the living.

The 3rd month of the year. Often cold, and wet, the month gives way to the green shoots of new life as spring dawns. The end of the month is also the time of planting for summer vegetables. This is the holy month of the Green Man.

The 4th month and the true start of spring as flowers fill the meadows and farmers begin planting for their fall crops. Fickle as the goddess the month is named for, dangerous storms sometimes sweep the plains of the Haunted Highlands during the month of Fythea.

The 5th month marks the end of spring and first month of summer are named for the god of magic.

The 6th month is the holy month of the lord of law. Standing in opposition to the chaos of his brother in the start of the year. It exemplifies the end of dangerous spring storms and the calm before the storms of fall and return of winter.

The 7th month is the month of the dragon. Known for warm winds.

The 8th month is named for the slave lord, the summer month so hot it reminds residence of the burning realm in hell which Kharzarn rules.

The 9th month is named for the dwarf lord, this month brings the first chill from the mountains to signal the shortening of days.

The 10th month is named for the hag queen this month marks the start of the harvest. The reaping month where the hag queen reclaims her crown from the rule of Fythele.

The 11th month of Shamb brings long nights and the start of winter. Long shadows are the home of Shambere and Shamon is her holy month.

The 12th month is the holy month of Vanium is celebrated in early winter. It is a time of fasting followed by great feast to strengthen the people for the lean months to follow and remind them of the ever watchful guardian which chases away the chaos.

The Days of the Week

Taxday counts the start of the week. It is a day of worship for followers of Taxus. The courts are always open on this day.

Dracday, the 2nd day. Day of the dragon, observed to honor the dragons lest they raze the land.

Thalday, the 3rd day. This day honors the elf lord for his service to creation. Natural magic is more powerful on this day, causing saves vs. druidic type magic to suffer a -1.

Kranday, the 4th day. This day honors the dwarf god for his service to creation, as all venerate the ground upon which they walk.

Tokalday, the 5th day This day honors the god of magic. Saves vs. Arcane magic suffer a -1 on this day as magic is more powerful.

Fytheday, the 6th day. This day celebrates the fey queen of light for her part in creation.

Ataxday, the 7th day. This day celebrates the god of chaos for his part in creation. It is a day reserved by many for parties and revelry and is the day where drunk cells in cities find themselves at their fullest.


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