Haunted Highlands Gazeteer

Castle Karbosk – Ancestral home of the Duke of Karbosk, south of Dro Mandras

Crater of Umeshti – Rumored site of ancient ruins within a deep gorge atop the Ugashtan Highlands

Dirty Bowbe’s Roadhouse – Fortified Roadhouse located at the very frontier of the Haunted Highlands

Dro Mandras – Largest city in Duchy of Karbosk, its eastern half now under occupation by humanoids

Duchy of Karbosk – Shattered realm with territorial claims to the Highlands

Dukes Wood – Protected forest in the heart of the Duchy of Karbosk that may only be hunted by writ of the Duke

Fly Bite Fens – Dangerous fens at the southern mouth of the Kissarok River

Free City of Eskadia – Distant city well northwest of the Highlands

Gilby Hall – Realm of the Halflings, in the rolling hill country southwest of the Highlands

Grove of the Green Man – Ancient sacred forest in the northern Highlands

Lake Veyona – Large freshwater lake in southern Highlands

Pieter’s Reach Mountains – Mountain chain east of Highlands

Principality of Berillian – Province of the Rhodensian Empire south of the Highlands

Rhodensia – Large empire to the far south of the Haunted Highlands

Ruins of Bortenski – Ruined city in the Northern Highlands now occupied by humanoids (siehe Ruins of Bortenski)

Ugashtan Highlands – Hilly country of the tribal Ugashtan peoples

Village of Gaspar – Small village at the southern extent of the Kissarok River

Village of Havel – Small village in the northwest Highlands

Village of Jorgen – Small village a few leagues distant from Bowbe’s Roadhouse

Village of Kamilla – Small village at the fork of the Kissarok River

Witch Moors – Haunted wetland in the northern Highlands


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